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I provide 4 natural history essays a month on those local species of birds, mammals, and plants you can enjoy in this rural NH living. Here are some examples:


My manual labor techniques came from the "old" Forest Service technicians that taught me how to have an "invisible hand" in affecting the beautiful NH forests and fields we all enjoy so much. For over twenty years, I've had clients in the Squam Lakes region and surrounding area. My education was in Forestry, with BS and MS degrees, and I have a very broad resume with natural resource management experience of 45 years.


Hi, I'm Dave Eastman of Country Ecology

Dave Eastman

I am a former member of the Board of Directors for NABS North American Bluebird Society. In the nineties, I built 11,000 log-front Natural birdhouses and distributed them across the USA at Wild Bird Centers, Wild Birds Unlimited, and other independent outlets for feeding the birds.


Now I concentrate on nature writing to educate you!

I am a "media naturalist" which means I convey environmental education through radio, lectures, newspaper and magazine writing. I want to make you a well informed earth citizen!

The point of owning wild land is to be a good steward, and this means avoiding those mistakes that only time can heal. To succeed, you must know your wild landscape and the ecological processes inherently going on there. The Country Ecology weekly radio shows now streaming on WMWV.com and my newspaper column in the Conway Daily Sun on weekends should help you in that process. Eventually, a DVD training video will be produced to visually and adequately teach you more about the natural history & management efforts you are currently undertaking for your beloved property. You will learn to understand what you are seeing there, how to gently care for it all, and even more, what that specific environment is doing for and around you as the earth provides for us. Soothing in nature, these works will offer that scientific information in a conversational tone, providing a quiet delight for you and yours on that wildlife habitat you live in and wish to enhance in an enlightened manner.