DAVE EASTMAN was also once an Army helicopter pilot in Vietnam. He has written this book about his valorous flying experiences with the “Outlaws” in the Mekong Delta during 1966-67, and two excerpted chapters of this published memoir can be viewed now on the 175th Avn. Co. (AML) web page. He had nearly 1300 combat flying hours during his tour flying the Bell UH-1D. Fly the Legend!




Dave Eastman
photo by Bea Lewis Wheeler     

Ride a Huey with the Outlaws of the 175th Aviation Company (AML) in the Mekong Delta and experience a first-hand first Lieutenant's account of a tour in Vietnam from 1966-1967. David Eastman's lively prose reveals an exciting untold story of camaraderie, competence and fellowship.

Readers' Comments

"Want to know what it was like to be a Huey chopper pilot, deep in the Mekong Delta during the Vietnam War? Read this book. Dave Eastman flew both "slicks" (transport choppers that carried mostly Vietnamese soldiers into battle) and gunships during a year of heavy fighting in a particularly deadly part of Vietnam. Dave describes the life of a helicopter pilot superbly-not only the flying and fighting, but also the sociology of chopper pilots and crews." ....Tom Hargrove

"Once I opened Outlaws in Vietnam I could not put it down -- it took me back to the sights, smells and sounds of Vietnam. A great read and if your interested in what it was like to fly a UH-1D in combat, I really mean to get the feel, experience the excitement and the sometimes cold fear in the pit of your stomach, then this book is a must." Major Gen. Robert J. Brandt.

"If you are looking for a more complete book dealing with the lives of helicopter pilots in Vietnam, look no farther. This book is it! One thing stands out about flying helicopters in the Delta was the size and lack of recognizable landmarks. Plus, the vast, flat, often flooded southern ¼ of Vietnam, offered very little contact with or support from U.S. Troops. In the Delta, the Vietnamese mainly fought the War. Not until the 9th Division came to Dong Tam, later in the War, did U.S. Forces enter the Delta region in significant numbers. U.S. Advisors were the only Americans that David and his fellow pilots came in contact with on a daily basis. The Delta was a different world, a world where the young helicopter pilot and his trusted crew spent hours and hours flying daily to the far reaches of IV Corps. The long days and many flight hours insured their learning many skills and "tricks" about flying over what could be described as mostly enemy territory. And, if these little details were not passed on to other young pilots, or adhered to exactly, the crews could be destined to a lonely death!" Tom Payne, Bandit 32

Excerpt from "OUTLAWS IN VIETNAM" by Dave Eastman

"The Delta night rang out with sounds and muzzle flashes from the firefight being waged far below our circling Huey. The Viet Cong were in a treeline next to a cleared area immediately under the ship. At 2,500 feet, we were safely watching the forces engaged below. As usual, the cool air at altitude relieved us from the tepid, 80-to-90-degree temperature on the ground, where troops traded fire with the VC element they were in contact with.

I smoked another cigarette, a menthol-laced Salem, as Andy, my copilot, turned the ship in another racetrack turn, using up time at our assigned place in the sky until the brass told us to go in for the medevac for which we'd been called out. For a new guy, my peter pilot was handling the bird well, and I could tell, even across the cockpit, that he felt my acknowledgment of his growing skills with this D-model."

"OUTLAWS IN VIETNAM" and other Vietnam Helicopter links

For views of the Vinh Long Army Airfield and pictures of military aircraft prevalent during the Vietnam War, see Ray Mahoney's web page of while he was with the Signal Corps Detachment at this compound during the same period. I have given him an audio recording of an extraction lift one September afternoon in 1967 you can listen to, and become a party to the cockpit's radio transmissions. Stay with this Huey formation flight long enough, and Yep!, you will hear us getting shot at! Experience some combat action! (Gulp..!)

OUTLAWS IN VIETNAM was published by Peter E. Randall Publisher. Many thanks to them for helping an old buddy in creating this book in editing, formatting and production, etc. Check out other fine books published by Peter E. Randall Publisher.

Thanks for all the great reviews of OUTLAWS IN VIETNAM on Amazon.com, You can also order the book from Amazon as well as other Vietnam helicopter flying books.

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