Chickadee song, courtesy of
Cornell Lab of Ornithology,
Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds, Ithaca NY

Country Ecology Radio Shows!

93.5 fm

Country Ecology will soon add another product to the weekly Conway Daily Sun newspaper columns you can subscribe to. You'll be able to listen to many favorite shows of the WMWV-fm radio programs that have played over a dozen years in the Mount Washington Valley. Second-home residents have refreshingly listened about the birdlife at their feeders and learned about mammals seen in their woodlot four times weekly over 93.5 fm. Here is the broadcast schedule:

Sunday: 10:40 AM
Monday: 9:40 AM
Tuesday: 3:45 PM
Thursday: 1:45 PM


mt washington observatory

The Mount Washington Observatory is famous for its daily forecasts & teaching you what its young observers go through living atop New England's highest mountain. Check in with them!

Broadband capabilities now exist way up here in N.H., and the ability to listen directly to the Conways' favorite station from anywhere in the USA has developed during the last few months. Click here to LISTEN LIVE.

A tape cassette that was produced can be found in local town libraries in our area. This recording contained the first 25 successful shows of Country Ecology and deals topically with the winter season, profiling the regular bird species frequenting our feeders. So you might listen to this collection of insightful stories in your car, or home’s tape player. Shows broadcast over the air move through the rest of the seasons, and feature the wildlife forage shrubs.

My radio show is like taking a field trip with your favorite professor, walking around with you on your land and showing you what you need to know. Here is what one dedicated fan once said to me:

"Dave Eastman shows you how to recognize what you're seeing--more than just recognizing birds; it's how it all works and why. You end up understanding the science of it. The descriptions are so accurate that I recognize things again and again. The knowledge really stays with you. You can tell that Dave not only knows the landscape, he really loves it. Art and Science blend to make this really great nature writing!"
Laurie G., Indiana

And from an old college friend who lives in Kearsarge, NH and is retiring up here soon after many years of visiting:

"Be sure to include in your messages commentary on how all of us are responsible for making sure that our property is producing natural food sufficiently for the birds. You pointed this out to me a couple of years ago, as we walked my property, to see what was growing already there to sustain wildlife. It’s definitely an important message.
Let me know if this works for you."


Photo by Patricia Sell.

One of my listeners snapped this wintry picture of these White-tailed deer, grouped outside his home's front window! Thanks to Ted Sares.

Audio Samples

Here are some examples of what the show sounds like --to expand your ecological knowledge for true N.H. Country living:

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